This introductory module cover the importance of incorporating nutrition into daily practice.



This class will introduce the important of incorporating nutrition into daily practice.  The veterinarian and pet owner’s ability to provide single source nutrition gives a distinct advantage over human medical professionals to prevent and treat diseases in pets.  This module will also describe methods for making nutrition profitable through obesity programs and better compliance with prescription diet recommendations.  This module will also discuss how to interpret pet food labels, discuss nutrient considerations for various ages and lifestyles, and describe manufacturing practices to consider when evaluating companies.  After completion, participants should be able to summarize information found on pet food labels and gain confidence when choosing over the counter pet foods.

Course Details


Course Length


Learning Objectives

After completion of this one hour program, participants will

  • Understand the importance of evidence-based nutrition
  • Describe the basics of metabolism and adaptions specific to dogs and cats
  • Summarize the concepts and research behind therapeutic diets and their applications, proper ways to intervene in anorexic or critically ill patients, and how to advise clients regarding alternative feeding trends




Nutrition Case Management Introductory Module: 0:13:08
Pet Food Label Regulation & Interpretation
Unit 1:  Definitions and Pet Food Labels 0:13:24
Unit 2:  Guaranteed Analysis 0:07:28
Unit 3:  Nutritional Adequacy Statement 0:08:32
Unit 4:  Pet Food Quality Control Measures 0:08:40
Total: 0:51:12


RACE Program Approval Number:  #120-17396

  • Number of CE Hours:  1 Hour for Veterinarians and Veterinary Technicians

Additional Info

The Nutrition Case Manager programs falls under The University of Tennessee College of Outreach and Continuing Education and is administered by Northeast Seminars.


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