This is an introduction to the complete CAPM program which is designed to help veterinarians and vet techs identify the pathologies that will benefit from effective pain management practices.  It provides an in-depth discussion of the neurobiology of acute and chronic pain.



The complete CAPM program embraces the multimodal treatment of pain management and provides an evidence-based approach to treatment options.  It focuses on the neurobiology of pain mechanisms so as to understand the basis for mechanism-based treatments.  Further, this course embraces the team approach to pain management, recognizing the valuable roles of the veterinarian, veterinary technician, and owner in managing each case.  The introductory module addresses the issues of pain in regards to osteoarthritis.

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Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this class, you will be able to:

  • Appreciate that osteoarthritis is a “total joint” disease
  • Understand the diverse etiologies of joint pain in osteoarthritis
  • Identify the role of inflammation in the disease process


The introductory module includes the first five units of Module 1: Osteoarthritis & Pain


Module 1: Osteoarthritis & Pain (1.0 hours)

  1. Introduction
  2. Joint Pain
  3. Osteoarthritis & Inflammation
  4. Neuronal Events in Joint Inflammation
  5. Spinal Neurons

Additional Info

Osteoarthritis affects 1 in every 4 dogs and the major clinical symptom is pain. Although much treatment focus has been on targeting structural abnormalities that occur in OA, such agents have been largely unsuccessful in limiting progression of the disease. Nonetheless, it is still unclear which structural lesions actually cause joint pain in OA, and whether the nature of the pain is nociceptive or inflammatory. This module will describe the disease process and identify the neurological pathways involved with the pain response.


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