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This module is the first of 4 units of Canine I: Introduction to Canine Rehabilitation. We will provide a brief overview of canine physical rehabilitation and identify conditions that readily benefit from rehabilitation.


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Learning Objectives

Upon completing this class, you will be able to:

  • Describe the benefits of physical rehabiltiation
  • Identify the roles of the rehabilitation team
  • Identify conditions that can benefit from rehabilitation
  • Describe the role of rehab in treating osteoarthritis


Canine I reviews the regulatory issues involved in this field of practice from the perspective of physical therapists and veterinarians.  The response of tissues to disuse and re-mobilization will be covered and clinically applied to the science of veterinary rehabilitation.  An overview of basic comparative anatomy will be reviewed, as well as commonly seen orthopedic and neurological conditions and commonly used therapeutic interventions.  Collaboration between the veterinary and physical therapy professions will be emphasized to enhance the learning experience.  How to get started in the field and protocol development will be reviewed.


  • Unit 1:  Introduction to Physical Rehabilitation
  • Unit 2:  Conditions that can benefit from Rehab
  • Unit 3:  Additional conditions that can benefit from Rehab
  • Unit 4:  Q&A


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