The Nutrition Case Management Online Certificate Program (NCM)

NutritionThis certificate program will provide veterinarians and veterinary technicians with an overall understanding of nutrition in veterinary medicine.  A knowledgeable veterinary team can provide their patients with the safest and most effective treatment options in animal nutrition.  The Nutrition Case Management online Certificate program will help you navigate overwhelming pet food and nutrition options. Every patient will benefit from an educated staff that is able to differentiate between best practices in animal nutrition and misinformation provided by the internet or pet store personnel.  Veterinarians, veterinary technicians, and front office staff should all communicate a cohesive message to pet owners because therapeutic nutrition is dependent on owner education and compliance.  Veterinary staff members are also critical for implementing weight loss programs and maintaining owner participation.  The Nutrition Case Management online Certificate program will provide an evidence-based approach to recommending diets for disease treatment and prevention.

This program offers the following advantages:

  • Commitment to presenting a comprehensive curriculum to provide information, training, and support to the Veterinarian and the Veterinary Technician.
  • Provide a solid foundation upon which to integrate nutrition into a veterinary practice.
  • An emphasis will be placed on evidence based medicine and best practices.
  • Upon completion of this course, individuals or clinics will receive a certificate indicating your successful completion of the University of Tennessee Nutrition Case Management online Certificate program.

Module Descriptions:  (10 hours of CE)
Introductory Module – 30 minutes
Module I:  Basic Metabolism and Energy Requirements – 2 hours
Module II:  Feeding Healthy Dogs and Cats – 2.5 hours
Module III:  Nutritional Management of Disease – 5 hours
Module IV:  Nutrition for Critically Ill Patients – 45 minutes
Module V:  Alternative Diet Trends – 30 minutes plus Testing             

Introductory 1 Hour Module – FREE
Individual License – $99.00
Clinic Pricing (up to 5 Staff Licenses) – $299.00

RACE Program Approval – Program Number #120-39056
Number of Hours of CE:
Veterinarians:  10 hours
Veterinary Technicians:  10 hours