CCFT I: Online Course

This program will provide an overview of the regulatory issues involved in this field of practice, canine anatomy and physiology, behavior, nutrition, first aid and emergency procedures, and an overview of pharmacology and pharmacologic precautions. An emphasis is included on prevention and care of athletic injuries, canine strength and conditioning, therapeutic modalities, and assessment of fitness. Canine sporting and working dogs and the requirements of their various sports and activities are also covered.

Learning Objectives:

  • Regulatory Issues for the Canine Fitness Trainer
  • Canine Anatomy/Physiology
  • Overview of Canine Behavior
  • Principles of Canine Nutrition
  • Review of Structural and Mechanical Kinesiology
  • The Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries
  • Canine Strength and Conditioning
  • Understanding Pharmacology Precautions
  • An Introduction to Therapeutic Modalities
  • Assessment of Physical Fitness
  • An Overview of Canine Sports and Working Dogs
  • Course Length: 23 hours


This course will provide the participant with lecture and hands-on experience in which participants will be guided through a standardized canine fitness assessment, exercise form, and program design with live dogs. Hands-on experiences for selected equipment used in canine fitness and conditioning are incorporated including balance, strength, cardio, flexibility, and mental foundation elements. This course also provides the participant with the basic fitness assessment skills necessary to create an exercise program for dogs. Topics covered include basic exercise physiology, gait training, strengthening exercises, balance and proprioceptive exercises, and exercises for wellness/prevention. Outcome measures (Gulick circumferential measurements, etc.) will also be practiced in this course.

Learning Objectives:

Canine Exercise Anatomy (ASSESSMENT)

– Fitness Assessments – History, Evaluation, Behavior Cues & Body Tests
– Gait Evaluations
– Fitness Palpation

Correct Canine Fitness Exercise Form (TECHNIQUE)   
– Proper Technique, Position & Creative Encouragement
– Correlation of Form & Function
– When & Why to Refer to Professionals

Canine Behavior Techniques for Exercise (BEHAVIOR)
– Positive Reinforcement Encouraging Behavioral Transition
– Client & Canine Interactions

Develop Specific Canine Exercise Programs (PROGRAM DESIGN)
– Canine Life Stages & Special Canine Populations
– Target Specific Body Areas, Muscle Groups & Injury Prevention
– Exercise Progressions & Variables

Canine Equipment Guidelines (EQUIPMENT)
– Proper Use & Safety
– Equipment Use & Choice
– Canine Specific Equipment vs. Human Equipment

Canine Fitness Business Development (BUSINESS)
– Marketing Tools & Programs
– Best Practices for Canine Fitness Programs

  • CCFT III – Certified Canine Fitness Trainer Program (CCFT) – (Case Studies)CCFT III – Certified Canine Fitness Trainer Program (CCFT) – (Case Studies) Quick View
    Course Length: 3 Cases
  • Course Length: 2.5 Hour Limit

CCFT III: Case Studies

After completion of CCFT I (Online Lecture Series) and CCFT II (Hands-On Lab Series), students are eligible for the case study portion of the program.  Students will be required to submit three case studies.

In order to move on to the CCFT IV on-line examination you are required to complete and pass three (3) Case Studies. The case studies are designed to take you through the entire process of acquiring a history, completing a fitness evaluation, doing a fitness assessment, designing a fitness program and demonstrating the dog doing an exercise on video to help prepare you for working with a variety of dogs in the future.

You have 3 months to complete and submit your case studies. Early submission is allowed. Case study grades will be returned in 6 weeks AFTER the class due date. Cases submitted early may or may not be graded before the due date.

The grading on case studies is pass/fail. You must earn a score of 80% or higher to successfully pass the case study.

  • CCFT III – Certified Canine Fitness Trainer Program (CCFT) – (Case Studies)CCFT III – Certified Canine Fitness Trainer Program (CCFT) – (Case Studies) Quick View
    Course Length: 3 Cases

CCFT IV: Online Exam

After successful completion of CCFT I (Online Lecture Series), CCFT II (Hands-On Lab Series) and CCFT III (Case Studies), students are eligible to sit for the online final exam.

  • Course Length: 2.5 Hour Limit